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You can register your animal in the global WORLDPETNET database either on your own or with a veterinarian after implanting a microchip.
Important - ask the veterinarian if the database they use to register chipped animals cooperates with the WORLDPETNET!
Electronic marking of animals allows the identification of your pet if it is lost, found or stolen. By registering a chip in the WORLDPETNET, you give yourself a peace of mind and provide your pet with identity, security and a guarantee of returning home in case of any incident.


WORLDPETNET is a global database of microchip-labelled animals. In this database, you will find information about companion animals registered in national (local) databases and data of missing animals searched all over the world. The animals data are directly assigned to personal details of their owners and thus, the registration system allows their quick and certain identification if a pet is found.

To join the WORLDPETNET, you need to:

  • have your pet microchip-labelled by a veterinarian authorised to label animals
  • register your microchip-labelled friend with WORLDPETNET though a national animal database cooperating with the global database of microchip-labelled animals WORLDPETNET
  • use the direct registration option on the WORLDPETNET home page.

Once the animal is registered, you may immediately check:

  • whether the animal's data are visible and who the animal's owner is,
  • which database in which country stores information about your pet
  • if your data are up to date and correctly assigned to your animal's data

All information about the animals is available regardless of your location in the world and the language we speak. The data of the registered animals can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, vast knowledge and experience of our team in the registration and identification of missing animals, WORLDPETNET is the best platform to register your beloved pet.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a transponder (integrated circuited) which has a unique code permanently saved in it. This is usually a sequence of 15 digits, e.g. 912300000001234, although some microchips may have 9, 10 or 13 digits. The microchip number can be read with a special animal identification reader PETSCAN. It should be stressed, however, that the microchip is only a transponder with the coded number. The microchip does not have a tracking function, it is not a GPS device and it contains no information about the pet or its owner. Therefore, to enable identification of the microchip-labelled dog or cat, you need to register the microchip within a national database of labelled animals or directly within the WORLDPETNET platform and to provide contact data.


You can also find it:

  • on the certificate confirming registration in the database of electronically labelled animals
  • in the animal passport
  • in the pedigree certificate or cynological documentation
  • in the pet insurance documentation
  • in your pet's veterinary documentation

You can also check the microchip number with a special animal identification reader. If you do not have such a device, you may seek help from your local veterinarian, animal shelter keeper or a representative of a pro-animal organisation.

For the microchip-labelling to bring effect, you need to register it in the world database of microchip-labelled pets WORLDPETNET.

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